Functional-layered textiles in architecture

F. Heinzelmann, T. Bristogianni, P. Teuffel

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In this chapter, new concepts are explored toward the development of multifunctional textile membranes, which are able to fulfill different architectural and aesthetic criteria, control the environmental conditions of the interior spaces or produce energy, while remaining lightweight. Through three case studies, the possibility of integrating new aspects into textile architecture, such as vegetation mats, aerogel granules insulation or algae cultures, to enhance the performance of the textiles is presented.
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TitelFabric structures in architecture
RedacteurenJ Llorens
Plaats van productieAmsterdam
ISBN van geprinte versie978-1782422334
StatusGepubliceerd - 2015

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NaamWoodhead Publishing Series in Textiles

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    Heinzelmann, F., Bristogianni, T., & Teuffel, P. (2015). Functional-layered textiles in architecture. In J. Llorens (editor), Fabric structures in architecture (blz. 159-186). (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles). Elsevier.