From problem to solution: developing a personalized smartphone application for recreational runners following a three-step design approach

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The aim of this paper is to design and test a smartphone application which supports personalized running experiences for less experienced runners. As a result of a multidisciplinary three-step design approach Inspirun was developed. Inspirun is a personalized running-application for Android smartphones that aims to fill the gap between running on your own (static) schedule, and having a personal trainer that accommodates the schedule to your needs and profile. With the use of GPS and Bluetooth heart rate monitor support, a user's progress gets tracked. The application adjusts the training schedule after each training session, motivating the runner without a real life coach. Results from three user studies are promising; participants were very satisfied with the personalized approach, both in the profiling and de adaptation of their training scheme.
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Evenement11th Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA 2016) - Delft, Nederland
Duur: 11 jul 201614 jul 2016
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