Freight distribution in megacities : perspectives of shippers, logistics service providers and carriers

J.G. Vidal Vieira, J.C. Fransoo, C. Deguirmendjian Carvalho

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We analyse the opinions of shippers, logistic service providers (LSPs) and carriers related to regulations and issues faced by these companies regarding freight distribution in megacities, and the logistical performance measures likely affected by those regulations and issues. We present a review of the freight distribution literature focusing on a large number of freight distribution aspects, such as regulatory, collaborative, environmental, logistical and risk. We also investigate some logistical performance indicators adopted by the companies. Subsequently, we conduct a survey with 147 companies working in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region (SPMR). We use multivariate analysis of variance to assess the logistical performance indicators and non-linear canonical correlation analysis to identify the most relevant freight distribution attributes. The results that the majority of carriers are located inside the SPMR and efficiently handle these issues better than others actors. The lack of collaboration, cargo theft, traffic congestion and some regulations affect the LSP’s logistical performance. Moreover, the actors perceive regulatory aspects, mainly traffic congestion, and a lack of security for deliveries in unsafe areas as the significant issues for deliveries in megacities.
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TijdschriftJournal of Transport Geography
StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


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