Formative assessment: Enriching teaching and learning with formative assesment

M.R. van Diggelen, C.M. Morgan, M. Funk, M. Bruns

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    Formative assessment is a valuable aspect in teaching and learning, and is proven to be an e ective learning method. There is evidence that adding formative assessment to your teaching increases students’ learning results (Black and William, 1998), but in practice many of the possibilities are left unused (Sluijsmans, Joosten-Ten Brinke, & Van der Vleuten, 2013). For this reason we made a second iteration of Feedback.Camp, which is a tool developed by researchers in the Department of Industrial Design (TU/e) to support (a) teachers in providing timely, targeted and dialogical feedback, and (b) students to engage with the teachers in low-threshold, focused feedback conversations. In the latest version we included elements of formative assessment: rubrics. This booklet was written to accompany the tool, as background information on formative assessment. We will outline a vision on what formative assessment entails for contemporary Industrial Design education and beyond, and how formative assessment can be embedded in practice. In writing this booklet, we presume that the reader has some background knowledge and experience in designing and teaching courses. What we aim for is to give you insight into di erent forms of formative assessment and strategies. On the one hand, this will most likely help you to realize that you already apply elements of formative assessment in your practice. On the other hand, this might support you in systematically, structurally and intentionally embedding formative assessment in your practice in such a way that student learning is enhanced. We hope to inspire you to try things out in practice, and thus further enrich your teaching and learning with the use of formative assessment. We are very interested to hear back from you about your experiences with formative assessment, and invite you to send us your feedback and comments. Also, if you are interested in experimenting with our tool Feedback.Camp, you are very welcome to. Please contact us, and we can make it available to you.
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