Formation and electronic properties of InSb nanocrosses

S.R. Plissard, I. Weperen, van, D. Car, M.A. Verheijen, George Immink, J. Kammhuber, D. Cornelissen, D.B. Szombati, A. Geresdi, S.M. Frolov, L.P. Kouwenhoven, E.P.A.M. Bakkers

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Signatures of Majorana fermions have recently been reported from measurements on hybrid superconductor–semiconductor nanowire devices. Majorana fermions are predicted to obey special quantum statistics, known as non-Abelian statistics. To probe this requires an exchange operation, in which two Majorana fermions are moved around one another, which requires at least a simple network of nanowires. Here, we report on the synthesis and electrical characterization of crosses of InSb nanowires. The InSb wires grow horizontally on flexible vertical stems, allowing nearby wires to meet and merge. In this way, near-planar single-crystalline nanocrosses are created, which can be measured by four electrical contacts. Our transport measurements show that the favourable properties of the InSb nanowire devices—high carrier mobility and the ability to induce superconductivity—are preserved in the cross devices. Our nanocrosses thus represent a promising system for the exchange of Majorana fermions.
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TijdschriftNature Nanotechnology
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