Fischer-Tropsch synthesis : catalysts and chemistry

J. Loosdrecht, van de, F.G. Botes, I.M. Ciobica, A.C. Ferreira, P. Gibson, D.J. Moodley, A.M. Saib, J.L. Visagie, C.J. Weststrate, J.W. Niemantsverdriet

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The Fischer–Tropsch synthesis represents a time-tested and fully proven technology for the conversion of synthesis gas (CO + H2) into paraffins, olefins, and oxygenated hydrocarbons. Depending on the origin of the syngas, one speaks of gas-to-liquids, coal-to-liquids, biomass-to-liquids, or ‘anything’-to-liquids. Industrial Fischer–Tropsch plants run on iron or cobalt catalysts, in fixed-bed-, fluidized-bed-, or slurry bubble-column-type reactors. The Fischer–Tropsch synthesis has inspired a wealth of academic and industrial research, and questions as to the mechanism of the process, how to control the selectivity of the polymerization process, the surface structure of the active catalysts, and the reasons why the catalysts deactivate continue to be subjects of intense discussion at conferences and in the literature. This chapter presents an overview of the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis, its historical development, the different modes of operation, the reactor technology, the synthesis and characteristics of the catalysts, and the mechanism of the reactions.
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TitelComprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II : from elements to applications
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NaamSurface Inorganic Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis


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Loosdrecht, van de, J., Botes, F. G., Ciobica, I. M., Ferreira, A. C., Gibson, P., Moodley, D. J., ... Niemantsverdriet, J. W. (2013). Fischer-Tropsch synthesis : catalysts and chemistry. In J. Reedijk, & K. Poeppelmeier (editors), Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II : from elements to applications (blz. 525-557). (Surface Inorganic Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis; Vol. 7.20). Elsevier.