Factors influencing social satisfaction and loneliness : a path analysis

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Social networks have increasingly received attention in transportation research. However, more subjective aspects of the social network, such as social satisfaction and loneliness hardly received any attention in travel behavior research, whereas these aspects are very important in shaping quality of life. In this study, a path analysis is used to analyze the relationships between personal characteristics, neighborhood characteristics, travel behavior, social interactions, social satisfaction and loneliness. The analyses are based on data collected in Eindhoven and surrounding towns in the Netherlands in a survey among 177 respondents. Results show relationships between mobility and social aspects. They indicate that frequency of walking affects social satisfaction, frequency of cycling affects the number of social interactions and car ownership affects loneliness. Regarding the neighborhood characteristics, interesting results are found as well. The percentage of non-western ethnic minorities in the neighborhood is found to negatively affect social satisfaction, social cohesion is found to affect the number of social interactions and place attachment is found to affect loneliness.
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