Expressing segmentation in d-comics

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Comics as a storytelling medium is constructed by panel sequences. The comics author defines how the panel sequences are segmented with specific storytelling intentions to enhance aspects such as: Curiosity, suspense, surprise, emphasis, storytelling pace, etc. In printed comics, the intended segmentations are embodied because they are physically printed on the pages. However, different electronic devices that have different screen sizes and support different ways of interaction can all gain access to the same panel sequence of d-Comics (digital comics). Therefore, the question emerges how to express author intended segmentations in d-Comics. This article collects several design prototypes that explore the relationship between narrative structure, visual space, and interaction in d-Comics. Prototype 1 discusses how the background layer can express the segmentation. Prototype 2 explores how differences in movement speed of visual layers can express segmentation. Prototype 3 visualizes different shape changes when a reader interacts with the panel sequence to express segmentations. Prototype 4 explores different layouts of panels with interactivity linked to zooming in and out. And finally, prototype 5 uses spatial distance to show segmentations.

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