Exploring the Prevalence of SQL Misconceptions: a Study Design

D.E. Miedema, Efthimia Aivaloglou, George H.L. Fletcher

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The Structured Query Language (SQL) is an established language for data manipulation in relational databases. It is widely used in industry, and therefore part of the typical Computer Science curriculum. From the large amounts of mistakes higher education students make while learning and using SQL, we know that this language is not easy to learn. Various researchers have examined the types of mistakes SQL novices make, and recently, the first step towards understanding the underlying reasons for these mistakes has been made. In this poster abstract, we propose a study to examine the prevalence of these origins, also called misconceptions. We hope the Computer Science Education community will help us reflect on and strengthen our methodology, and ultimately, our findings.
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TitelProceedings of 21st Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, Koli Calling 2021
UitgeverijAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc
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StatusGepubliceerd - 21 nov. 2021

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