Exploring Items and Features with IF, FI-Tables

P.N.A. van der Corput, J.J. van Wijk

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The exploration of high-dimensional data is challenging because humans have difficulty to understand more than three dimensions. We present a new visualization concept that enables users to explore such data and, specifically, to learn about important items and features that are unknown or overlooked, based on the items and features that are already known. The visualization consists of two juxtaposed tables: an IF-Table, showing all items with a selection of features; and an FI-Table, showing all features with a selection of items. This enables the user to limit the number of visible items and features to those needed for the exploration. The interaction is kept simple: each selection of items and features results in a complete overview of similar and relevant items and features.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jun 2016


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