Exploring beginning teachers’ attrition in the Netherlands

P. den Brok, T. Wubbels, J.W.F. van Tartwijk

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    Based on a review of recent studies and reports, this research investigates attrition among beginning teachers in the Netherlands as well as reasons for teacher attrition, and compares the finding with studies on this topic conducted elsewhere in the world. The findings suggest that attrition among beginning teachers in the Netherlands with a percentage close to 15% is somewhat lower than in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. Yet, causes for attrition are comparable to those reported elsewhere. Interestingly, attrition seemed lower for teachers with a teaching degree, suggesting that teacher education may play a vital role in reducing attrition. In addition, it seems that high-quality coaching and supervision, reducing workload, and organizing a social network for beginning teachers may be important factors in reducing attrition. Finally, there is a need for better registration and monitoring of teacher attrition and for more comprehensive research on this topic.

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