Exploring an augmented reality social learning game for elementary school students

Jingya Li, Erik D. van der Spek, Xiaoyu Yu, Jun Hu, Loe Feijs

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Social learning games can enhance students' learning engagement in the field of STEM. However, students do not always have the chance to experience social interactions during their learning activities. Augmented reality (AR) games have the ability to enable social interactions among students and allow them to interact with the virtual content while engaging in natural communication in the real world. However, little is still known on how to design social AR games for learning. In this paper, we presented a textbook-based AR social learning game for elementary school students to practice math together. We designed and developed the game concepts based on previous studies and co-design sessions and conducted a user study to explore how students would behave and interact with each other in the game. Our findings extend the understanding of students' social patterns in both collaboration and competition conditions under AR settings. Based on the findings, we propose design implications for designing AR social learning games in the future.

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TitelProceedings of the Interaction Design and Children Conference, IDC 2020
UitgeverijAssociation for Computing Machinery, Inc
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StatusGepubliceerd - 21 jun. 2020
EvenementInteraction Design and Children 2020 - Virtual, Online, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Duur: 17 jun. 202024 jun. 2020
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CongresInteraction Design and Children 2020
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