Experimental research on pinned connections in aluminium truss girders

B.W.E.M. Hove, van, F. Soetens

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Aluminium truss girders are widely used in the entertainment industry. The loads on these girders, representing systems for sound and lighting, are standardised in uniform loads and/or concentrated loads. Focusing on larger spans, standard connections, i.e. welded joints between chords and braces and mechanical fasteners between girder sections, may limit the design strength of these girders. In this publication the experimental research on pinned girder section connections, which allow for an easy assembly and disassembly of the truss girders, is described and discussed. The experiments have been carried out using two different boundary conditions as well as two different securing methods. The results show a design strength which is not limited by the shear and bearing mechanism of the pinned connection. Failure is induced by cracking of a centerpoint, which is applied for easy welding procedures.
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