Experimental demonstration of a multi-core fiber seeded comb optical network (MCF-SCON)

B.J. Puttnam (Corresponding author), R.S. Luis, D. Orsuti, G. Rademacher, G. Di Sciullo, M. van den Hout, J. Sakaguchi, C. Antonelli, C. Okonkwo, L. Palmieri, H. Furukawa

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We propose and experimentally demonstrate an optical network architecture that uses wideband optical frequency comb (OFC) sources synchronized with transmitted network broadcast seed signals. All network nodes are connected by multi-core fibers (MCFs) which are used for data transmission and seed distribution. The nodes that connect the data transmission and seed distribution layers contain an OFC that may be operated in master or slave mode to provide carriers both for modulation and local oscillators for coherent detection. Nodes are able to switch, amplify, split, and regenerate the seed lightwave for full network distribution over large areas. Using OFCs with 25 GHz spacing covering the C- and L-bands, we experimentally investigate a range of scenarios compatible with metro or inter-data-center network architectures. These scenarios include single span transmission, bi-directional transmission, and multi-hop seed and data transmission including seed amplification, splitting, and regeneration with laser injection locking within network nodes, and a maximum transmission distance of 130 km. We show that MCF seed and data distribution with spatial-switching enables identical network-wide transceiver combs with the potential for reducing the complexity of digital signal processing as well as significant hardware sharing. Data-rates of approximately 100 Tb/s/core and 600 Tb/s per fiber are measured showing the potential of this architecture for high-capacity networking with OFCs replacing hundreds of transmitter and local oscillator lasers in each node.

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TijdschriftJournal of Optical Communications and Networking
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jul. 2024


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