Evidence of local pH changes during ethanol oxidation at Pt electrodes in alkaline media

Marta Costa Figueiredo (Corresponding author), Rosa M. Arán-Ais, Víctor Climent, Tanja Kallio, Juan M. Feliu

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Local changes of the interfacial pH can significantly affect the rate and mechanism during the course of an electrodic reaction. For instance, different pH values will have a significant effect on the equilibrium properties of both solution and surface species, altering the reactions kinetics. Ethanol oxidation at platinum electrodes in alkaline media involves the fast consumption of OH- species that will change the local pH at the electrode surface, decreasing the reaction rate. In this study, the local pH change during ethanol oxidation in alkaline media is accomplished by using rotating ring-disc electrode (RRDE) experiments. The current at the ring when polarized at the onset of hydrogen evolution serves as a measure of the local pH in the vicinity of the electrode. The results show that the current at the ring at 0.1V (vs. RHE) becomes more negative during ethanol oxidation, owing to a change in the equilibrium potential of the hydrogen evolution reaction caused by a change in the local pH.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 sep 2015
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