Estimated uncertainty for NB-IoT devices in reverberation chambers

A. Hubrechsen, Rob Jones, Vincent Neylon, Kate A. Remley

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This contribution illustrates the effects of various channel bandwidths and loading conditions on components of reverberation-chamber-based uncertainty. Various channel bandwidths and loading conditions are considered in Band 2. For the cases that we studied, we show that a different uncertainty formulation for the narrowband case could be utilized. This formulation includes both the number of mode-stirring samples and the uncertainty due to lack of spatial uniformity. But even for the CTIA uncertainty formulation, where only spatial uniformity is considered, the uncertainty typically remains below 0.6 dB, although for one frequency band, the uncertainty was close to 0.75 dB for a heavily loaded chamber.
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Mijlpalentype toekennenOTA Certification Program Working Group (CPWG) Contribution
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StatusGepubliceerd - 14 apr 2020

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