Error computation for predictable real-time software synthesis

J.P.M. Voeten, O. Florescu, J. Huang, H. Corporaal

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Synthesizing an implementation from a model in a predictable way is one of the major challenges in real-time system design. In our previous work we addressed this problem by generating in real-time an execution path through a model and by synchronizing the model time with the physical time. The execution path as observed in model time has a time difference with the execution path as observed in physical time. This distance determines the extent to which real-time model properties are preserved in the implementation. The key contribution of this article is an analytical approach for calculating the distance between a model and a corresponding implementation. Based on this distance, the real-time properties of the implementation can be predicted from the model. A paper path of a printer is used as a case study to show the effectiveness of the technique.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011

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