Entrepreneurial marketing : an effectual approach

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How do you sell an innovative product to a market that does not yet exist? Entrepreneurial businesses often create products and services based on radically new technology that have the power to change the marketplace. Existing market research data will be largely irrelevant in these cases, making sales and marketing of innovative new products especially challenging to entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurial Marketing focuses on this challenge. Classic core marketing concepts, such as segmentation, positioning and the marketing mix undergo an ‘extreme makeover’ in the context of innovative products hitting the market. Edwin J. Nijssen stresses principles of affordable loss, experimentation and adjustment for emerging opportunities, as well as cooperation with first customers.
Containing many marketing examples of successful and cutting edge innovations (including links to websites and videos on the Internet), useful lists of key issues and instructions on how to make a one-page marketing plan, Entrepreneurial Marketing: An Effectual Approach provides a vital guide to successfully developing customer demand and a market for innovative new products.
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