Enhanced Light Emission by Magnetic and Electric Resonances in Dielectric Metasurfaces

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An enhanced emission of high quantum yield molecules coupled to dielectric metasurfaces formed by periodic arrays of polycrystalline silicon nanoparticles is demonstrated. Radiative coupling of the nanoparticles, mediated by in-plane diffraction, leads to the formation of collective Mie scattering resonances or Mie surface lattice resonances (M-SLRs), with remarkable narrow line widths. These narrow line widths and the intrinsic electric and magnetic dipole moments of the individual Si nanoparticles allow resolving electric and magnetic M-SLRs. Incidence angle- and polarization-dependent extinction measurements and high-accuracy surface integral simulations show unambiguously that magnetic M-SLRs arise from in- and out-of-plane magnetic dipoles, while electric M-SLRs are due to in-plane electric dipoles. Pronounced changes in the emission spectrum of the molecules are observed, with almost a 20-fold enhancement of the emission in defined directions of molecules coupled to electric M-SLRs, and a fivefold enhancement of the emission of molecules coupled to magnetic M-SLRs. These measurements demonstrate the potential of dielectric metasurfaces for emission control and enhancement, and open new opportunities to induce asymmetric scattering and emission using collective electric and magnetic resonances.

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