Encryption in ICS networks : a blessing or a curse?

D. Fauri, B. de Wijs, J.I. den Hartog, E. Costante, E. Zambon, S. Etalle

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Nowadays, the internal network communication of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) usually takes place in unencrypted form. This, however, seems to be bound to change in the future: as we write, encryption of network traffic is seriously being considered as a standard for future ICS. In this paper we take a critical look at the pro's and con's of traffic encryption in ICS. We come to the conclusion that encrypting this kind of network traffic may actually result in a reduction of the security and overall safety. As such, sensible versus non-sensible use of encryption needs to be carefully considered both in developing ICS standards and systems..
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TitelIEEE SmartGridCom : Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, 23-26 October 2017, Dresden, Germany
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UitgeverijIEEE Computer Society
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StatusGepubliceerd - 17 apr 2018
Evenement2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications - Dresden, Duitsland
Duur: 23 okt 201726 okt 2017


Congres2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications
Verkorte titelSmartGridCom

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