Enabling calibration and characterization of environmental sensors

G. Stefanuto

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    This work presents the activities carried out at ams Netherlands BV for the fulfillment of the Year Project requirements of the Professional Doctorate in Engineering in Design and Technology of Instrumentation at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
    The carried out assignments had the objective of enabling the characterization and calibration of some environmental sensors being developed by ams. These tasks required the creation of dedicated electronic hardware and graphic user interfaces, the design of various experimental setups, and data analysis.
    The achievements of this project were:
     Characterization of the temperature and relative humidity sensors while operating the co-packaged air quality sensor under a range of climatic and working conditions.
     Collaborative creation of an acquisition software for the manufacturing testing integrated circuit, which can control and acquire the laboratory equipment while it measures the sensors’ behavior.
     Design of a calibration printed circuit board that allows to acquire and to write calibration parameters into 128 sensors simultaneously and the power supply to feed the system.
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