Employees’ preferences for services and facilities offered in serviced offices

H.A.J.A. Appel - Meulenbroek (Corresponding author), M. van de Kar, P.E.W. van den Berg, T.A. Arentze

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Purpose: Serviced offices are popular, offering many services and facilities to attract tenants. As research showed that most business centres occupy similar buildings, services are important to differentiate. All kinds of people use them (from freelancers to employees of large corporates) and their characteristics are likely to influence how they value different services. This study aims to identify which services/facilities are perceived as most important and whether end-user characteristics explain differences between users regarding these preferences. Serviced office owners and operators can use the insights obtained from this study to differentiate their product offer from competitors and aim for specific tenant market segments. Design/methodology/approach: Data were collected through a questionnaire among 137 end-users in 13 serviced offices in The Netherlands. With principal component analysis, 31 services and facilities could be reduced to six independent factors and four additional services. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine effects of user characteristics (employee demographics, job characteristics and reasons for using serviced offices) on perceived importance of each service/facility (factor). Findings: Results showed that organisational characteristics had little effect on perceived importance of services and facilities. Especially the time spent at the office and the reasons for using it showed effects on importance of different services and facilities. Amenities like a gym and childcare were not deemed important by most of the respondents. Originality/value: So far, research on office users focused largely on single-tenant offices and large corporates. Serviced offices have only been studied from the supply side until now.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 4 feb. 2019


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