Electric field measurements on plasma bullets in N2 using four-wave mixing

M. van der Schans, P. Böhm, S. Nijdam, W.L. IJzerman, U. Czarnetzki

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Atmospheric pressure plasma jets driven by pulsed DC or kHz AC voltages typically consist of discrete guided ionisation waves called plasma bullets. In this work, the electric field of plasma bullets generated in a pulsed DC jet with N2 as feed gas is investigated. Electric field measurements in N2 can be performed by firing two high intensity laser pulses, where the frequency of one is Stokes shifted relative to the other, at the plasma bullet. Nonlinear interactions induced by the laser pulses and the bullet’s electric field then result in two additional radiation fields from which the electric field can be calculated. Challenges in applying this technique to plasma bullets arise from their submillimeter dimensions, high propagation velocity (order of 105 m/s) and the non-uniformity of the electric field. The required analysis for these conditions and some first results are presented.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015
EvenementWorkshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP-18) - Conference centre "Rolduc", Kerkrade, Nederland
Duur: 3 dec 20154 dec 2015


WorkshopWorkshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP-18)
Verkorte titelWELTPP-18
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