Easily processable temperature-responsive infrared-reflective polymer coatings

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A temperature-responsive near-infrared reflective coating was fabricated based on a side-chain liquid crystal siloxane polymer using a simple wired-bar method. The cholesteric liquid crystalline polymer film showed a blue shift of the reflection band of 1000 nm in the IR region upon heating. The temperature-responsive change of the reflection band was reversible. Compared to that of the same mixture system in an alignment cell, the coating showed a significantly faster response. This research demonstrates an easy way to prepare a temperature-responsive IR-reflective coating that shifts its reflection to a shorter wavelength upon heating. As IR radiation of shorter wavelengths is more strongly represented in sunlight than longer wavelengths, this coating could be used to selectively reduce heating of an indoor space when the temperature is high. This is promising for the future application of smart climate control.

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