E-textbooks in/for teaching and learning mathematics: a potentially transformative educational technology

Birgit Pepin, Ghislaine Gueudet, Michal Yerushalmy, Luc Trouche, Daniel I. Chazan

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    In The Age of Discontinuity: Guidelines to Our Changing Society (1992), Professor of Management Peter Drucker lays out ways in which technologies are transforming, and will continue to transform, industries throughout the world economy; for many workers, what characterizes work life now is the continual need to adapt to technological change. Such changes are not limited to the world of work: technology is transforming interactions with media, and this also relates to books. This chapter focuses on one way in which technology may transform educational processes and bring about new educational dynamics. Specifically we examine ways in which e-book technology might influence one genre of book, the (mathematics) textbook
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    TitelHandbook of International Research in Mathematics Education
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