Dynamical Modeling and Gait Optimization of a 2-D Modular Snake Robot in a Confined Space

K.H.J. Classens, M.A.J. Koopaee, Christopher Pretty, Siep Weiland, Xiao Qi Chen

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A model-based optimal gait is obtained for the 2-D locomotion of a modular snake robot in a duct. Optimality is considered in the sense of traveling as fast as possible or traveling with minimal energy consumption. The novelty of the work lies in the development of a framework to cast the full dynamic behavior, including contact constraints with simple objects, into an optimization problem which allows for gait parameter, control parameter and/or physical parameter optimization. Optimal gait and control parameters are found via a surrogate optimization procedure which reveals optimal locomotion strategies depending on the duct width and optimization criteria. The framework is tested and illustrated with a number of optimizations of 2-D locomotion of a snake robot where either traveling time or energy consumption is minimized.
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Pagina's (van-tot)9754–9759
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2020
Evenement21st World Congress of the International Federation of Aufomatic Control (IFAC 2020 World Congress) - Berlin, Duitsland
Duur: 12 jul. 202017 jul. 2020
Congresnummer: 21


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