Drivers and barriers for cross-sectoral collaboration between the aerospace and the security/defence sectors

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Space technologies and applications have become more relevant for security and defence. Threats resulting from migration, terrorism, crises, climate change and security increase throughout Europe. Both the economy and citizens are supported by space applications, which society has been depending on more. The two-dimensional viewpoint on space and security/defence is increasingly - either directly or indirectly- represented in the policies and strategies of Europe in space and security/defence. Collaboration across organizations in the aerospace - civil sector - and defence - military sector- is complex and dynamic. Merging such diverse communities challenges the boundaries of each individual organization and generates collective, coherent and synergistic knowledge. Prior research in cross-sectoral collaboration has addressed the process and the activities required to obtain multiple knowledge sources from different sectors. However, what remains unclear from research is how the particular aspects of cross-sectoral collaboration - namely the drivers and barriers- are addressed in practice by the respective organizations. Therefore, the research question to be addressed in this case study of the Netherlands' space and security sectors is: “What dimensions drive and impede cross-sectoral collaboration between the aerospace and the security and defence sectors in the Netherlands?” The study will show challenges and opportunities for the potential users and added value of space technology for the security and defence sector, specifically how both security and defence related companies can profit by developing technology and applications of common interest. The study thereby contributes to theory development on cross-sectoral collaboration by providing empirical insights.

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