Drag, lift and torque acting on a two-dimensional non-spherical particle near a wall

Ahad Zarghami, Johan T. Padding

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Gas-solid granular flows with non-spherical particles occur in many engineering applications such as fluidized beds. Such flows are usually contained by solid walls and always some particles move close to a wall. The proximity of a wall considerably affects the flow fields and changes the hydrodynamic forces and torque acting on particles moving near the wall. In this paper, we numerically investigate the drag, lift and torque acting on a non-spherical particle in the vicinity of a planar wall by means of lattice Boltzmann simulations. To gain an exhaustive understanding of the complex hydrodynamics and study the influence of various geometrical and flow parameters, a single 2D elliptical particle is selected as our case study. In the simulations, the effect of particle Reynolds number, distance to the wall, orientation angle and aspect ratio on drag, lift and torque is studied. Our study shows that the presence of a wall causes significant changes in hydrodynamic forces, with increasing or decreasing drag and lift forces, depending on the distance from the wall. Even the direction of lift and torque may change, depending on both the distance from the wall and particle orientation angle. Also, an ellipse with higher AR experiences larger hydrodynamic forces and torque whatever the gap size and orientation angle.

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TijdschriftAdvanced Powder Technology
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jun. 2018


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