DNA-functionalized supramolecular polymers: dynamic multicomponent assemblies with emergent properties

Sjors P.W. Wijnands, E.W. Meijer, Maarten Merkx (Corresponding author)

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Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in hybrid molecular systems in which the programmability of DNA hybridization is used to introduce enhanced molecular control in synthetic systems. The first examples of DNA-functionalized supramolecular polymers have been reported only recently, but have already revealed structural and functional properties that are not easily obtained in either synthetic supramolecular polymers or DNA-only based systems. In this Topical Review, we provide an overview of the various forms of additional control offered by DNA hybridization for different types of supramolecular polymers and discuss how orthogonal supramolecular interactions in these hybrid systems can give rise to emergent structural and functional properties.

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TijdschriftBioconjugate Chemistry
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StatusGepubliceerd - 17 jul 2019

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