Distortion reduced signal detection

G. de Haan (Uitvinder), I. Kirenko (Uitvinder)

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A device and a method for extracting information from detected characteristic signals receives a data stream derivable from electromagnetic radiation emitted or reflected by an object. The data stream comprises a continuous or discrete characteristic signal including physiological information and a disturbing signal portion. The physiological information is representative of at least one at least partially periodic vital signal. The disturbing signal portion is representative of at least one of an object motion portion and/or a non-indicative reflection portion. The characteristic signal is transferred by converting at least three absolute components of the characteristic signal related to respective additive channels to at least two difference components of the characteristic signal, wherein each of the at least two difference components can be derived through a respective arithmetic transformation considering at least two of the at least three absolute components, wherein the arithmetic transformation for each of the at least two difference components further comprises coefficients that substantially sum to zero. Consequently, the disturbing signal portion can be at least partially suppressed in the transferred signal.

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IPCG06T 7/ 00 A I
StatusGepubliceerd - 12 jan 2017

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