Distance estimation using sound signals

R.M. Aarts (Uitvinder), W.J. Lamb (Uitvinder)

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An apparatus comprises a test signal generator (401) which generates an ultrasonic test signal by modulating an audio band test signal on an ultrasonic signal. The ultrasonic test signal is radiated from a parametric loudspeaker (403) and is demodulated by non-linearities in the air. A reflected audio signal may arise from reflections of an object, such as a wall. An audio band sensor (405) generates an audio band captured signal which comprises the demodulated reflected audio band signal. A distance circuit (407) then generates a distance estimate for the distance from the parametric loudspeaker (403) to the object in response to a comparison of the audio band captured signal and the audio band test signal. Specifically two signals may be correlated to determine a delay corresponding to the full path length.; Based on the distance estimates an audio environment may be estimated and a sound system may be adapted accordingly.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 19 aug 2014

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EP2572212 (A1)
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