Dispersion of the electron g factor anisotropy in InAs/InP self-assembled quantum dots

V.V. Belykh, D.R. Yakovlev, J.J. Schindler, J. van Bree, P.M. Koenraad, N.S. Averkiev, M. Bayer, A.Y. Silov

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The electron g factor in an ensemble of InAs/InP quantum dots with emission wavelengths around 1.4 μm is measured using time-resolved pump-probe Faraday rotation spectroscopy in different magnetic field orientations. Thereby, we can extend recent single dot photoluminescence measurements significantly towards lower optical transition energies through 0.86 eV. This allows us to obtain detailed insight into the dispersion of the recently discovered g factor anisotropy in these infrared emitting quantum dots. We find with decreasing transition energy over a range of 50 meV a strong enhancement of the g factor difference between magnetic field normal and along the dot growth axis, namely, from 1 to 1.7. We argue that the g factor cannot be solely determined by the confinement energy, but the dot asymmetry underlying this anisotropy therefore has to increase with increasing dot size.
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Pagina's (van-tot)1-5
TijdschriftJournal of Applied Physics
Nummer van het tijdschrift8
StatusGepubliceerd - 28 aug 2016

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Belykh, V. V., Yakovlev, D. R., Schindler, J. J., van Bree, J., Koenraad, P. M., Averkiev, N. S., Bayer, M., & Silov, A. Y. (2016). Dispersion of the electron g factor anisotropy in InAs/InP self-assembled quantum dots. Journal of Applied Physics, 120(8), 1-5. [084301]. https://doi.org/10.1063/1.4961201