Direct and large-eddy simulation XI

M.V. Salvetti (Redacteur), V. Armenio (Redacteur), J. Fröhlich (Redacteur), B.J. Geurts (Redacteur), J.G.M. Kuerten (Redacteur)

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This book gathers the proceedings of the 11th workshop on Direct and Large Eddy Simulation (DLES), which was held in Pisa, Italy in May 2017. The event focused on modern techniques for simulating turbulent flows based on the partial or full resolution of the instantaneous turbulent flow structures, as Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) or hybrid models based on a combination of LES and RANS approaches. In light of the growing capacities of modern computers, these approaches have been gaining more and more interest over the years and will undoubtedly be developed and applied further. The workshop offered a unique opportunity to establish a state-of-the-art of DNS, LES and related techniques for the computation and modeling of turbulent and transitional flows and to discuss about recent advances and applications.

This volume contains most of the contributed papers, which were submitted and further reviewed for publication. They cover advances in computational techniques, SGS modeling, boundary conditions, post-processing and data analysis, and applications in several fields, namely multiphase and reactive flows, convection and heat transfer, compressible flows, aerodynamics of airfoils and wings, bluff-body and separated flows, internal flows and wall turbulence and other complex flows.
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