Dimension reduction of non-equilibrium plasma kinetic models using principal component analysis

K.S.C. Peerenboom, A. Parente, T. Kozak, A. Bogaerts, G. Degrez

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The chemical complexity of non-equilibrium plasmas poses a challenge for plasma modeling because of the computational load. This paper presents a dimension reduction method for such chemically complex plasmas based on principal component analysis (PCA). PCA is used to identify a low-dimensional manifold in chemical state space that is described by a small number of parameters: the principal components. Reduction is obtained since continuity equations only need to be solved for these principal components and not for all the species. Application of the presented method to a CO2 plasma model including state-to-state vibrational kinetics of CO2 and CO demonstrates the potential of the PCA method for dimension reduction. A manifold described by only two principal components is able to predict the CO2 to CO conversion at varying ionization degrees very accurately.
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TijdschriftPlasma Sources Science and Technology
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


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