Digital game-based learning with "Internet Hero": a game about the internet for children aged 9–12 years

Gerhild Bauer, Daniel Martinek, Simone Kriglstein, Günter Wallner, Rebbeca Wölfle

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Currently 98% of children aged 6-13 use the Internet at home, 52% of them use it daily or several times a week (Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest 2012b). Internet Hero is a game aimed at increasing the digital literacy of children and preparing them to safely navigate the Internet. It teaches minors to be consciously aware of the dangers of links, online forms and phishing-mails to protect them from exploitation. In a playful context the game raises awareness for the potential dangers they may face by using the Internet and explains generally how the Internet works. The game was implemented in Adobe Flash and Unity3D. Its elements are preloaded in the background to avoid long loading times. The goal of this game is to increase the ability of the younger generation to safely and adequately use Internet-technologies and to get a feeling for the dos and don’ts of the medium.
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TitelContext Matters!
Subtitel Exploring and Reframing Games in Context. Proceedings of the 7th Vienna Games Conference FROG 2013
RedacteurenKonstantin Mitgutsch, Simon Huber, Michael Wagner, Jeffrey Wimmer, Herbert Rosenstingl
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