Dielectric relaxation in vitreous metaphosphates at medium temperatures

W.J.T. van Gemert, J.M. Stevels

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Dielectric relaxation experiments were carried out on mixed alkali metaphosphate glasses between room temperature and about 300°C (f = 103 s-1). The observed relaxations appeared to be connected with the movement of the alkali ions from site to site. By using stainless steel electrodes it was possible to reveal a relaxation peak free from conduction losses and due only to the migration from site to site of the cations. When two cations of dissimilar sizes are simultaneously present a mixed alkali effect was observed, i.e. an unproportionally large reduction in the alkali ion mobilities. It is shown that this effect can be at least partly explained by considering the changes in the potential energy states upon mixing dissimilar cations due to polarizing forces and coulombic interactions.

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TijdschriftJournal of Non-Crystalline Solids
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StatusGepubliceerd - nov 1978

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