Device for sharing photographs in social settings

M. Bhomer, ten (Uitvinder), J.F.M. Helmes (Uitvinder), K.P O'Hara (Uitvinder), R. Banks (Uitvinder), A. Sellen (Uitvinder)

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    A device for sharing photographs in social settings is described. In an example, the device comprises a display surface which extends around a vertical axis of the device such that it provides a cumulative viewing angle of greater than This enables viewers located all around the device to see images displayed. The display surface may be a continuous display or may be formed from multiple discrete displays. The images displayed comprise sets of related images which may, for example, be accessed from an online image store (such as a social networking site) or other storage device. In an example, sets of images may be displayed in the form of filmstrips, with each filmstrip comprising a set of related images associated with a different user. Where the device includes a user interaction element, detection of a user interaction changes the images that are displayed.
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