Device for analyzing fluids

M.W.J. Prins (Uitvinder), R. Kurt (Uitvinder)

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It is an object of the invention to provide for an alternative for analyzing fluids. To this end a device for analyzing fluids comprising magnetic particles is provided, the device comprising magnetic means for generating a magnetic field designed for exerting a magnetic force to the magnetic particles creating a movement of the fluid comprising targets and a membrane with an array for moving the fluid through or along the array. As examples for targets nucleic acids, antibodies, antigens, receptors, haptens, or ligands are named. Further targets are proper for detection by a device, e.g. cell fragments, viruses, or substances within food fragments. Targets often are mols., in this case also called mol. species. As examples for fluids comprising targets blood, saliva, urine, tissue ext., interstitial fluid, food ext., and environmental samples are named. US 2010233822 (A1) JP 2009524816 (A) EP 1979751 (A1) CN 101375166 (A)
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OctrooinummerWO 2007085980 (A1)
StatusGepubliceerd - 2 aug 2007

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