Development of a set-up to measure pulsed power plasma in water for rock fragmentation

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    This project is driven by the fact that until now there is still no full understanding on plasma technology. In this project IHC and TUe are researching rock fragmentation by the use of plasma
    created by an electrical discharge in water.
    The main objective of IHC/TUe is to be able to control the plasma and for this it is necessary to have a better understanding of the process.
    Therefore a measurement set-up that allows to research plasma discharges was developed.
    For this the selection of hardware and the development of a software platform was made.
    The hardware was selected in such a way that is able to measure on 1 nanosecond scale and the software platform was developed in such a way that it allows to run one experiment every 10 seconds securing the saving of information.
    In principle this platform can be use for any experiment, since it is done in such a way that any instrument can be attached to it by just coding a library.
    The platform its open source and it is released under a Mozilla Public License 2.0.
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    • Plat, R., Begeleider
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