Development of a contour following measurement system

E.A. Galestien

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    This document contains the work that was performed during a year project of the post-master program ‘Design and Technology of Instrumentation’ of the Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI-DTI). The objective was to develop a new measurement system to enable the investigation into the influence of the mechanical settings of a shaver on its ability to follow the contours of a face.
    Contour following has many contributors. To achieve the project goal, an investigation was conducted to find out which of these contributors need to be measured. Normal force on the shaving cap and skin contact proved to be dominant, closely followed by handling. Miniature load cells and skin impedance electrodes were selected as the most promising measurement principles. Handling was tackled by using an existing shaver body and making the system wireless. The mechanical settings can be changed by swapping the shaving heads on the device. After construction and testing of the device, a set of key
    performance indicators is implemented to provide meaningful information after the processing of the measurement data.
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    • Droog, H.A., Begeleider
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