Designing within connected systems

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In this two-day workshop, we investigate how to design in the context of distributed, networked interfaces, dynamic input-output mappings and emergent aesthetics. With this workshop, we aim to complement the theoretical discussion of positions provided by the participants with the hands-on activity of designing and building a networked group interface for music manipulation using Leap Motion® controllers. Participants engage in a two-stage design process, the first focused on designing individual music controllers and the second on using these in a networked format. We conclude the workshop with a reflection and discussion of what was achieved at both theoretical and experiential levels, and project a roadmap of future activities together.

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TitelDIS 2018 - Companion Publication of the 2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference
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Evenement2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference, (DIS2018) - Hong Kong, Hongkong
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Congres2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference, (DIS2018)
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