Design of operations management internships across supply chains - learning OM by doing OM

M.J.F. Wouters, K.H. Donselaar, van

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To teach operations management (OM), we had students work full time in companies, analyzing problems and developing solutions. Fifteen students worked in different companies but on related OM topics, and we created many opportunities for them to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences. We organized the project around supply chains in the electrical installation industry and in the pharmaceutical industry and involved manufacturers, wholesalers, and installers or pharmacists. It was important to keep the complexity of the analyses manageable, to stimulate information exchange between the companies, and to separate analysis from negotiation over the sharing of benefits. The Supply-Chain Logistics and Information Management (SLIM) project was valuable for students and for university staff, and it helped the companies to develop and implement improvements in their supply chains.
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