Design of high dynamic range fully integratable translinear filters

W.A. Serdijn, M.H.L. Kouwenhoven, J. Mulder, A.H.M. Roermund, van

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This paper addresses the non-linear noise and dynamic-range properties of bipolar and MOS (both in weak and in strong inversion) translinear integrators, following a systematic top-down approach. Several design principles to achieve an optimal dynamic range are derived. A qualitative comparison of a bipolar or weak-inversion class-AB translinear integrator and the well-known linear g m – C integrator reveals that the former is an interesting candidate, especially for low-voltage and/or low-power operation. As an example, a ±1.65-V bipolar translinear integrator is presented that makes dynamic-range optimization possible by adjusting just one bias current. Its application in an audio filter yields a 63-dB dynamic range and a virtual dynamic range of 76 dB, while the current consumption can be as low as 310 nA.
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