Demolition versus transformation, "mortality of building structures" depending on their technical building properties

R. Blok (Corresponding author), P.M. Teuffel

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This paper describes the assessment of 60 multi-story buildings in the Netherlands, the followed approach and the main results. The 60 buildings have been assessed on their technical building properties to see which building parameters could be influential on the probability of an elongated Service Life for the building structure. The buildings, (of which 40 buildings have been given a "Second Life" through Transformation and 20 buildings have been demolished) have been assessed, initially on 64 different parameters. The number of parameters has then been reduced to 20, more or less influential parameters. A "quick scan" of building structures has been derived from these parameters. This quick scan uses an aggregated value expressing the re-use potential in a single adaptability/flexibility score. In a similar approach as often is used in medical survival analysis, the "Mortality of Buildings" have been calculated for different Flexibility Scores. Further elaboration will make it possible to assess building structures and then give an indication on their probability for (future) transformation. This is important, not only to assess our existing building stock but also to improve elongated Service Live's for new buildings. By optimizing the Service Life of buildings structures, negative material impacts can be further reduced and the Re-use and Transformation on building level, rather than on material level, can be improved. More realistic Service Life Estimations will make comparisons of different solutions with different levels of Flexibility much more feasible.

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TijdschriftIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
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StatusGepubliceerd - 25 feb. 2019
EvenementSBE 2019 Brussels - BAMB-CIRCPATH: Buildings as Material Banks - A Pathway For A Circular Future - Brussels, België
Duur: 5 feb. 20197 feb. 2019


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