Deformation phenomena accompanying internal precipitation in solids

A. Kodentsov, M.J.H. Dal, van, C. Cserhati, L. Daroczi, F.J.J. Loo, van

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Abstract. A volume increase associated with the internal nitriding of Ni–5 at.% Cr alloy at relatively low homologous temperatures and high nitrogen fugacities results in a stress gradient between the alloy surface and the precipitation front. Stress relief occurred mainly by transport of nickel (solvent) to the stress-free metal surface mediated by pipe diffusion-controlled creep. This mechanism is prevailing because of a high dislocation density developing within the parent Ni-matrix upon the precipitation of semi-coherent nitride particles. The CrN-precipitates was found to be topotactically oriented with respect to the matrix
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TijdschriftDiffusion and Defect Data. Part A, Defect and Diffusion Forum
StatusGepubliceerd - 2003


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