Deep-subwavelength imaging of both electric and magnetic localized optical fields by plasmonic campanile nanoantenna

N. Caselli, F. China, W. Bao, F. Riboli, A. Gerardino, Lianhe Li, E.H. Linfield, F. Pagliano, A. Fiore, P. Schuck, S. Cabrini, A. Weber-Bargioni, M. Gurioli, F. Intonti

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Tailoring the electromagnetic field at the nanoscale has led to artificial materials exhibiting fascinating optical properties unavailable in naturally occurring substances. Besides having fundamental mplicationsfor classical and quantum optics, nanoscale metamaterials provide a platform for developing disruptive novel technologies, in which a combination of both the electric and magnetic radiation field components at optical frequencies is relevant to engineer the light-matter interaction. Thus, an experimental investigation of the spatial distribution of the photonic states at the nanoscale for both field components is of crucial importance. Here we experimentally demonstrate a concomitant deep-subwavelength near-field imaging of the electric and magnetic intensities of the optical modes localized in a photonic crystal nanocavity. We take advantage of the ‘‘campanile tip’’, a plasmonic near-field probe that efficiently combines broadband field enhancement with strong far-field to near-field coupling. By exploiting the electric and magnetic polarizability components of the campanile tip along with the perturbation imaging method, we are able to map in a single measurement both the electric and magnetic localized near-field distributions.
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TijdschriftScientific Reports
StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


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