De Israëlische Arabieren en het vredesproces

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    Hans Schippers looks at the position of the Arab minority in Israel. They account for about 20% of Israel's population. In many ways however, they are treated as second class citizens. The resulting tensions have recently led to three publications on the future of the community. Two of them contain a plea for an end to Israel as a Jewish State. Instead they propose a federal state like Switzerland or Belgium or a binational solution including Gaza and the West Bank. These publications have drawn criticism from most Arab politicians in Israel, who called the proposals unrealistic and showing the divisions in the community. The Palestinian leadership underlined their support for a two-state solution. Progressive Jewish commentators rejected the idea of a federal or binational state, but supported the plea for an end to discrimination and participation of the Israeli Arabs in the peace process. A policy along these lines is probably the best way for both groups to reduce tensions.
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