Damage and crack modeling in single-edge and double-edge notched concrete beams

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The numerical modeling of damage and crack propagation in concrete and concrete structures has evolvedconsiderably in the past years. In this contribution, a higher order continuum model is used to model the failurebehavior of single-edge notched (SEN) and double-edge notched (DEN) concrete beams loaded in four-point-shear.Di*erent types of boundary conditions, i.e. with freely rotating, ®xed or constrained loading supports, areinvestigated and the experimentally observed curved crack paths are compared with the numerical simulations. Thein¯uence of the ratio of the compressive strength and the tensile strength is scrutinized and its relation with thefailure mechanism is investigated. It is shown that an isotropic gradient-enhanced damage model permits to obtain agood agreement between experimental results and num! erical simulations. # 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rightsreserved.Keywords: Damage mechanics; Failure assessment; Crack growth; Mixed mode fracture; Higher order continuum
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