Cyanophthalocyanine Derivates

J. Brokken (Uitvinder)

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    Aminocyanophthalocyanine derivatives of the formula PcM.(CN).(NH3), in which PcM represents (I) wherein each R independently represents a substituent; each n independently represents an integer from 0 to 4; and M represents Co, Fe, Mn or Cr; also claimed is a process for preparation of aminocyanophthalocyanine cobalt derivatives and the use of the derivatives to obtain conductive polymers
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    OctrooinummerWO2008003587 (A1)
    StatusGepubliceerd - 10 jan 2008


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    Brokken, J. (2008). Cyanophthalocyanine Derivates. (Octrooi Nr. WO2008003587 (A1)).