Current-voltage relation for abrupt N+-P-N+ and N-i-N structures

J.G.C. Bakker, J. Bisschop, W.H.A. Schilders

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    Numerical simulations of abrupt N-P-N structures with homogeneously doped layers show a systematic deviation from the analytical formulae, due to the application of the depletion approximation. The error in the depletion approximation, as a function of barrier doping, is found to reach a maximum in the limit of an intrinsic barrier region. The potential and charge distribution in the static N-i-N structure, including the effects of the charge distribution at the N-sides, is calculated analytically. For this structure a linear current-voltage relation is derived, and found in agreement with numerical results.
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    TijdschriftSolid-State Electronics
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 1992


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